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Introducing the professional course of analysis with Elliott Waves in the style of NeoWave

By Mr.Kian | 20 Feb, 2022 | Course | 0 Comments

This course is a comprehensive training package including video tutorials and practical workshops that fully teachs you Elliott Wave Theory in NeoWave style and accompanies and supports you until you acquire the necessary skills and reach the master stage. In this course, the student will become familiar with the principles of wave counting and price waves aggregation and will be able to discover fractals to predict larger price movements.

This theory was first discovered and by Mr. Ralph Nelson Elliott and has been developed and applied by others, including Mr. Glenn Neely. The style proposed by Mr. Glenn Neely is known as NeoWave and is the most complete style of this theory. By mastering this style and gaining complete skills in applying these principles in the market, the trader will be able to predict the level touched by the price with a very high accuracy and to estimate the time approximation of this event. These techniques can be used and exploited in all financial markets that have a wide range of participation. To participate in this course, you must have sufficient mastery of Technical Analysis and principles of Price Action or have passed these courses.

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