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Introducing the Technical and Price Action advanced course

By Mr.Kian | 20 Feb, 2022 | Course | 0 Comments

This course actually consists of two separate courses that are offered in the form of one course. The first part of this training series is the Technical Analysis course that includes all the principles and techniques of chart reading, price interpretation and highly efficient indicator trading strategies, and the second part of this series is an advanced Price Action course that includes all candlestick principles, interpretation of price behavior and trading strategies without indicators.

This course is a combination of video tutorials and practical workshops in which the student receives new concepts each week and performs related exercises. Then, the exercises performed in the practical workshops are reviewed by the course instructor and possible problems are solved so that the student fully understands each stage of the training and acquires the necessary skills. Each student is followed by the professor and assistant professors in each educational stage to ensure sufficient mastery of the topics. After passing this course, the student becomes a trader who has acquired his own trading strategy and trading style.

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